Wearalon Data Sheet

Product Description
Wearalon is a solvent dispersion of a solid active ingredient exhibiting low friction and excellent anti-stick/release characteristics.  The product, recommended particularly for application to heated surfaces, furnishes a dry, colorless coating which is effective for releasing rubber and plastic compounds and providing multiple release cycles without transfer to molded parts and with no build up on the mold. Wearalon is recommended for application to surfaces below 150F. Wearalon is particularly effective for release of silicone rubber compounds.

Typical Product Data
Color and Appearance
Dispersing Medium
Specific Gravity
Weight per gallon (1 lbs.)
White, translucent dispersion
Solvent mixture - heptane,  ethanol butyl acetate Propyl cellosove

Key Performance Properties

  • Effective for all types of rubber and plastics compounds

  • Particularly recommended for silicone rubber release

  • Clean, dry, colorless, non-oily

  • Contains no oil, grease, stearates,  waxes or silicones

  • Requires no curling step

  • Will not transfer to molded part

  • Will not lead to build up on the mold

  • Will not interfere with post -finishing operations

  • Will not cause knit lines on molded parts

  • Gives multiple releases per application

  • Chemically and thermally stable

  • Usable to 550F

  • Leads to increased productivity and reduced scrap rate

Release coating for a wide variety of elastomers and plastics

  • Particularly effective for silicone rubber compounds

  • Natural rubber, SBR, EPDM, TPE,  Polyurethanes, etc.

  • Polyesters, nylons, lonomers, phenolic, vinyls, acetates, meiamines, etc.

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