Nitrogen Ion Chrome

Omni-Directional & Simultaneous Ion Implantation of Geometric Forms

Nitrogen Ion Chrome 98 Rc is a proprietary technology that offers unmatched hardness Empire is one of the only companies in the world providing it.  (see download documentation) The primary purpose for using Ion Implantation is to increase the wear resistance thus reducing the repeated use of hexavalent chrome for environmental and agricultural purposes.


  • wear resistance due to lower coefficient of friction

  • increased hardness greatly extends wear protection

  • low temperature process does not affect surface finish

  • prevents corrosion attack of base metal

  • unparalleled bond strength due to actual micro-stitching of the Nitrogen Ion chrome to the base metal

  • treatment can be successfully weld repaired or removed without damage to the base metal or base metal surface finish


  • all types of steels

  • cast materials

  • stainless

  • aluminum

1997 R & D Award Winning

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