Die Wear Treatments

We plate small, intricate, close-tolerance dies, as well as dies of unlimited size and weight. We plate for both thin metal and heavy metal forming operations.

Benefits of treatment: 

  • Reduced die wear by providing a smooth, hard, thin, lubricious surface coating

  • Preserving the die surface in its optimal state

  • Increased lubricity of the die surface, which created increased metal flow, thus reducing/eliminating the need for drawing compounds

  • Reduce galling due to low coefficient of friction

  • Reduce heat generated on die surface

  • Increases throughput and press uptime (hits per hour)

  • Improve part quality and repeatability from part to part

  • Reduces dirt pick up.

  • Reduces scrap rate of stamped parts.

Related services for dies:

  • Die analysis and troubleshooting

  • Weld repair

  • Flame hardening

  • Stoning

  • Polishing


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